Top 10 Haunted Churches And Cathedrals

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“The father, the son, and the holy ghost”—these are the words of the living. Christian worshipers flock to their local churches every Sunday in to hear the good word. Most expect a sense of comfort in the house of the Lord. However, not all churches and cathedrals are purely sacred. Some house other, nonliving entities. Some are ghosts; some are demons. Either way, the following 10 churches and cathedrals are all supposedly corrupted by the supernatural.


10. Norwich Cathedral

Located in Norwich, England, the Norwich Cathedral was first built in 1096, 30 years after the pivotal Battle of Hastings. The formerly Catholic (now Anglican) cathedral is well-known as a beautiful example of Anglo-Saxon architecture. Ironically, in order to build the cathedral, Norman architects destroyed several Saxon buildings (later found to be places of worship) in order to lay the cathedral’s foundations.

Contemporary visitors to the cathedral may not know its history, but they almost certainly know about its ghosts. Specifically, tourist Kerry Launders snapped a photo in 2015 that may or may not show the spectral figure of a medieval bishop. The photo was widely covered in both British and US tabloids. Launders believes that she managed to capture the apparition of one of the cathedral’s many eternal residents.

Though he’s by far the most famous sighting of paranormal activity at the cathedral, the bishop is not the only spooky figure haunting the cathedral. Its believed that the ghosts of executed Lollards, many of whom were burned at the stake due to their heterodox religious beliefs, patrol the cathedral grounds because the chalk pits that they once used became part of the cathedral itself.

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