10 Strange Tales Of Russian Paranormal Phenomena

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In one form or another, Russia has existed since time immemorial. This continent-spanning country holds a cornucopia of paranormal stories, many of which are almost completely unknown to people from different cultures. Yet, the stories of its monsters, ghosts, and aliens are just as diverse as the ones Western readers are familiar with.

So come, hear the creepy stories of one of the strangest countries on Earth.


10. Cosmonauts And UFOs

Cosmonauts are notoriously brave people. Not only did they manage to win the Space Race, they did it with crafts that were essentially held together with chewing gum and hope. So when a Soviet space veteran lowers his voice and starts whispering about the strange and scary things he saw up there, it pays to listen.

Throughout the years, numerous cosmonauts have reportedly told stories about close encounters with unidentified flying objects. Vladimir Kovalyonok, a veteran of the Saljut VI mission in 1981, claims he saw an elliptical object that followed their craft for a while. It disappeared in a beautiful “explosion,” only to reappear in a different place with another one just like it. The MIR space station has also been a popular UFO sighting spot, as at least two of its crews have witnessed inexplicable objects. The UFOs aren’t content with just hounding the cosmonauts in space, either—the Baikonur Cosmodrome (the world’s largest operational space launch facility in Kazakhstan) is also said to attract strange visitors every once in a while.

Of course, it’s worth remembering most of these tales come from conspiracy theorist websites and other fairly biased sources. On the other hand, would any “trustworthy” media ever release such information in notoriously censorship-heavy Russia?

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