10 Paranormal Events Witnessed By Police

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Police officers mostly have a tough time of things. They witness gruesome crime scenes, have to deal with delivering bad news, and often don’t get the credit or thanks they may deserve after working long, tiring hours to solve cases. However, in some instances, police officers responding to an emergency call come across something totally different from what they usually do. Sometimes they don’t even have to leave the station to experience strange things.

10. Surveillance Camera Figure


Officer Karl Romero was spending a relatively quiet Saturday evening on duty at the Espanola police station in New Mexico in 2014, keeping an eye on the several surveillance cameras installed around the place. Things were going well until he spotted something strange on one of the cameras pointed at the entryway to the station.

Scrutinizing the visuals on the camera, Romero initially thought that the bright white “blob” he was looking at must be an insect until he spied the legs below it. He realized then that he was looking at what he could only describe as a ghostly figure. Since the entryway to the police station is blocked off with a gate and secured with an alarm system, Romero knew it could not be a human figure that was showing up on the footage.

When he reported what he saw to his superiors the next day, most of them believed him. Some even came forward with their own scary experiences, saying that they often heard strange, unexplained noises in the building and had experienced weird sightings in the lobby as well. Romero relayed his story to KOAT TV, saying that he believes in ghosts and thinks that the ghostly figure he saw may have something to do with the unsolved murders that have taken place in the area over the years.

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