10 Paranormal Events Linked To Mass Tragedies

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9. . . and of Thailand

“Ghost passengers” are not just confined to Japan. After the tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake on Boxing Day 2004, the residents along the Andaman Coast, Thailand, started to report being haunted by some of the 230,000 victims who were swept to their deaths.

Nearly two weeks after the tragedy, Lek, a tuk-tuk minivan driver, described seven foreign tourists who climbed into his van and asked to be taken to Kata Beach for 200 baht. But after driving for a while, Lek said he felt his body become numb and, looking around, found himself alone in the vehicle. But unlike the Japanese taxi drivers who felt no fear at these apparitions, Lek states, “I can’t get over this. I am going to have to get another job. I have a daughter to support but I am too scared to go out driving at night.”

Other locals were similarly frightened by apparitions wandering around their community. A security guard who worked at a hotel that was the scene of many casualties left his post shortly after the disaster claiming to hear the screams of a woman believed to be a guest who was killed.

And in Khao Lak, a family said that their phone constantly rang but when the receiver was lifted all they could hear were the cries of their relatives begging to be rescued from the crematorium flames.

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