10 Movie Sets That Came With A Curse Or Ghost

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9. The Passion Of The Christ

They say that lightning never strikes twice. Well, tell that to the guy who didget struck twice by lightning while filming The Passion of the Christ—Jan Michelini, assistant director on the set.

The main actor, Jim Caviezel, had his own problems as well. He had a piece of his flesh ripped out during the “fake” whipping scene, and he dislocated his shoulder while carrying the wooden cross. Caviezel was also struck by lightning—smoke literally came out of his ears, to the shock of others of the set. Witnesses of the incident said that Caviezel’s whole body looked like it was illuminated.

And it doesn’t end there. Caviezel also suffered hypothermia, a lung infection, and severe pneumonia while filming. He also got terrible headaches and skin infections because of the long make up sessions he had to sit through.

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