10 Movie Sets That Came With A Curse Or Ghost

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There is always a buzz of activity on a movie set. Directors, actors, and stage hands work tirelessly to make the set come to life on screen. Sometimes, however, a different kind of energy takes over—one that makes everyone pause for a moment as the hairs rise on the backs of their necks. This list names 10 instances where people involved in certain movies have experienced a taste of the bizarre. Some are no longer alive to tell their tale.



Waterworld was supposed to be the Avatar of the ’90s. Starting out with a budget far below $5 million, the movie ended up costing around $200 million. So clearly it was a blockbuster, right? Not even close—Waterworld only made $88 million at the box office in 1995.

The movie ran into trouble right from the start. The first producer, Roger Corman, was used to working with a low budget, and when he saw that the movie would need sets that could float, he passed up the opportunity to work on it. He couldn’t fathom the budget of the film going over $5 million. They ended up spending that amount just on the main set.

Furthermore, bad luck seemed to be stalking the Waterworld production: Cast and crew suffered seasickness. One of the sets floated away and got stuck underwater. Strong winds brought filming to a halt on more than one occasion. Kevin Costner’s stunt double nearly lost his life while doing a diving stunt. Crew members were stung by jellyfish. On top of all this, the crew members’ unions demanded compensation for what it described as labor violations. It’s a wonder the movie made it to the big screen at all.

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