10 Most Haunted Cities In The World

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9. Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague is often considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Apart from beautiful architecture and a rich history, Prague also has its own collection of legends and ghosts. One of Prague’s most famous ghosts is the Mad Barber, a lost soul condemned to walk the streets at night. He lost his wife and went mad with grief. He slashed at passersby with his razor and was beaten to death by soldiers.

The Begging Skeleton, one of Prague’s friendliest ghosts, tries to beg money from drunks. He was said to have been a beautiful and tall, but very poor, young man. A medical professor asked him if he would sell his skeleton. The young man agreed but died shortly after in a bar fight. His skeleton still roams the streets of Prague, trying to collect enough money to finally buy himself free.

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