10 Haunted Tunnels With Really Creepy Backstories

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9. The Blue Ghost Tunnel

No, the tunnel isn’t blue. The phantom that supposedly lived there is—and we only know about it thanks to a mistake.

A paranormal investigator was trying to find the Screaming Tunnel but got lost. He found himself at the much longer Merritton Tunnel, a rail tunnel in the nearby city of Thorold. There he claimed he saw a strange blue mist.The tunnel’s reputation soon surpassed its screamier cousin. The TV show Creepy Canada did a feature on it, prompting thousands of visitors a year. It’s a popular choice in lists of Canada’s most haunted places, and some have called it the most haunted one of all.

The ghosts here are said to belong to two rail engineers that died when the steam locomotives they were operating collided in 1903. One of the men became mangled in the boiler and died at the scene. When rescuers tried to pull him free, his legs came off. The fireman of the other train fell into the flames and suffered burns on 90 percent of his body. He died hours later at a nearby hospital. As an added bonus for hauntitude, when the canal that runs above the tunnel was built, it flooded a nearby cemetery.

The tunnel became so popular that authorities were forced to brick it up, and the tunnel may be structurally unsafe. Today, one of the paranormal groups that made it famous recommends avoiding it at night. You’re more likely to be threatened by a drunken youth than a dead rail worker (that’s true pretty much everywhere, to be fair).

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