10 Eerie Chinese Paranormal Stories

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8. The Guizhou Incident

In November 30, 1994, witnesses near the Duxi Forest in Guizhou Province watched in horror as a strong light made of several fireballs streaked through the sky with a rumbling sound that resembled a moving train. Although this UFO never crashed (or at least it was never found), it apparently had quite a close call: It cut through a long stretch of trees in the forest, like a giant scythe. Curiously, some of the trees in the otherwise neatly cut area remained intact.

The strangest thing about the incident was the damage it caused to nearby buildings. One engine house at a nearby railroad had an entire wall pulled away. The bricks and mortar of the leveled wall were later located nearby, but several metal and glass elements had disappeared completely. What’s more, the entire building—and the 50 tons of equipment within—had moved almost 20 meters (60 ft), and some of the heavy materials within had been bent beyond recognition, or even cleanly cut in half.

The missing materials were never found, and the UFO was never seen again.

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