10 Eerie Chinese Paranormal Stories

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China is a huge country, with perhaps more civilized history than any other place in the world. This means that it also has more than its fair share of dark legends, mysterious events, and paranormal tales. However, thanks to the vast culture and language barrier between China and Western countries, we rarely get to hear about all these interesting events.


10.The Binzhou Alien

Although China has its cultural peculiarities, the basic mindset of its citizens is similar to everyone else when it comes to thirst for attention and quick profit. In June 2013, a resident of Binzhou called Mr. Li (or Lee, depending on the source) had a close encounter with an alien. Luckily for him, the alien had a close encounter with his electric rabbit trap first. Being an enterprising kind of man, Mr. Li took the incapacitated alien, put it in a freezer with a glass lid, and called the newspapers.

Mr. Li says that the alien’s ship had been flying over Shadong province when it malfunctioned and crashed to the ground. Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, immediately went insane over the story and its many photos of the alien. The authorities were less convinced: Upon taking a glance at the ”alien,” they immediately saw that it was a fairly unconvincing doll Mr. Li had made out of rubber.

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