10 Bizarre Paranormal Encounters From Old Europe

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8.The Gandillion Werewolf Family

In 1598, a brother and sister in eastern France were attacked by a wolf that the boy said had a human face. When a group of peasants went looking for the wolf, they stumbled upon a girl named Perrenette Gandillion. Seeing blood on her dress, the mob killed the poor girl on the spot.

Perrenette’s family had long been rumored to be involved with the Devil. After her death, her brother Pierre, sister Antoinette, and nephew Georges were also accused of being werewolves. Pierre claimed that he could turn into a wolf when he wore wolf’s skin, while Georges said that his transformation was caused by wearing an ointment.

Judge Henri Boguet, who had ordered the executions of over 600 suspected witches during his career, was put in charge of the case. Firmly convinced that the Gandillion family was a bunch of werewolves, he sentenced them to be burned at the stake.

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