10 Bizarre Paranormal Encounters From Old Europe

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9. The Shoemaker Of Breslau

In September 1591, a shoemaker in Breslau (modern-day Wroclaw, Poland) committed suicide by slitting his throat. Mere weeks after he was buried, the townspeople reported seeing his ghastly figure in their homes during the night. They would wake up and find the shoemaker lying on top of their bodies, crushing them with his weight and physically attacking them.

In April 1592, the townspeople dug up the shoemaker’s body. Amazingly, it had not rotted at all. The baffled authorities kept the shoemaker’s corpse aboveground for six days and then reburied it in a different spot.

Shortly afterward, there came reports of him attacking the townspeople again. On May 7, the shoemaker’s body was dug up one last time. To ensure that he stayed dead, his head and limbs were chopped off and his heart was removed. Then his remains were set on fire, and his ashes were tossed into a river.

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