10 Bizarre Paranormal Encounters From Old Europe

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Before the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century, people in Europe believed in demons, ghosts, witches, vampires, and more. Even some educated people, like judges and priests, took the paranormal seriously. They debated and investigated a number of bizarre “true” stories, many of which survive to this day.


10.The Haunted Apple Of Annecy

In 1585, an apple was seen floating over a bridge in Annecy, a city in southeastern France. For two hours, the apple levitated in the air and emitted a loud noise, terrifying passersby who needed to cross the bridge.

Eventually, a less intimidated traveler came forward, armed with a stick. The man whacked the apple into the water, which was covered by the bridge. The terrible noise from the strange apple then stopped, and peace was restored.

According to Judge Henri Boguet, “It cannot be doubted that this apple was full of devils and that a witch had been foiled in an attempt to give it to someone.”

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